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With a wide variety of stylish gowns, Crislene offers an extensive selection of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and unique design details that add a playful touch to any wedding outfit.

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One investment piece in your closet should come with quality and versatility that will suits to all occasions, shop our premium range of fashionable suit. Find a cover-up for every styling scenario – fitted work wear blazers, all boasting sophistication.

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Crislene collections offers you a wide range of clothing whether it may be an office wear or an elegant evening wear and gowns for all occasions. It’s always a dress season at Crislene.

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About Crislene

Crislene Plus offers personalized wedding gowns fit for the unique and special wedding of your dreams.

For more than 15 years, brides have entrusted the most important date of their lives to Crislene, from handling their wedding invitations and favors, to fashioning and inventing their entourage and elegant gowns, and ultimately, their dream weddings, at affordable prices. Crislene is home to the finest and largest collection of formal gowns for different occasions. Truly, Crislene is designed to make your wishes come true.

Today, Crislene has expanded with two branches and a line of new and professional services like flowers and decorations, cakes, hair and make-up, accessories, and various gift items.

Formal Gowns and Dresses, Corporate Uniforms, Accessories, Invitations and Handmade Cards, etc.

Crislene is with you every step of the way, from the day you purchase your dress, to the day you wear it. We are accessible with a private number that brides can contact when you need special attention.

We have been assisting brides in Davao, Manila, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Texas, California, and Australia, and we will continue on with this tradition.

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Crislene Plus offers personalized wedding gowns fit for the unique and special wedding of your dreams. The company provides a personal touch as you are designed to perfection by a certified elite fashion designer of Davao City. Not only does Crislene Plus handle weddings, debuts, and anniversaries, but with the designer’s touch, all of your clothing wants and needs will be exclusively yours!

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