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We Are Crislene

From Luzon, Crislene owner Ma. Cristina “Cristy” Nicolas-Samson settled in Davao City in the early ‘90s after her husband, Arlene, was promoted by oil company where he worked, Chevron, to be the manager of its Mindanao operations. An entrepreneur from the start, she put up a small dress shop at the street corner just outside their subdivision gate. Today, Crislene has become the city’s top gown creator of Davao City catering to Markets A and B.

Crislene enjoins everyone, especially women, young and old, to “make life elegant.” Elegance, Cristy Samson believes, is a philosophy, an attitude and a worldview. Cristy, who personally designs her creations, knows that women are most fulfilled when they feel elegant. She knows that there’s nothing that make them happier than elegant dresses.

Crislene’s Vision, Mission and Goals are:

Vision: An elegant life for all

Mission: Crislene is compelled to contribute in realizing this vision by creating elegantly designed gowns and dresses for metropolitan women who know their value to themselves, their families and the world.

Goal: It is the goal of Crislene to make elegant clothes and gowns to as many women, young and old, as possible by exploring various marketing avenues for its apparels.

Women Collections

With a wide variety of stylish gowns, Crislene offers an extensive selection of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and unique design details that add a playful touch to any wedding outfit.

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Men Collections

One investment piece in your closet should come with quality and versatility that will suits to all occasions, shop our premium range of fashionable suit. Find a cover-up for every styling scenario – fitted work wear blazers, all boasting sophistication.

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New Collections

Crislene collections offers you a wide range of clothing whether it may be an office wear or an elegant evening wear and gowns for all occasions. It’s always a dress season at Crislene.

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