Thanks Vivienne, for endorsing our fashionable face masks and giving Crislene a very high mark. It's people like you who keep our creative juice flowing, you know. Look at you, the face masks really becomes you. With beautiful customers like you posting their pics on FB wearing Crislene's creations, who needs a model? It's my pleasure to be of service to you Vivienne. Hugs!!!💞♥️👍


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With a wide variety of stylish gowns, Crislene offers an extensive selection of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and unique design details that add a playful touch to any wedding outfit.

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One investment piece in your closet should come with quality and versatility that will suits to all occasions, shop our premium range of fashionable suit. Find a cover-up for every styling scenario – fitted work wear blazers, all boasting sophistication.

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Crislene collections offers you a wide range of clothing whether it may be an office wear or an elegant evening wear and gowns for all occasions. It’s always a dress season at Crislene.

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